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The Panhandle Kiwanis Membership Page

This page may be Updated Often. Please revisit us regularly for Panhand Kiwanis Board, Committee and Member Updates.

Email for Panhandle Kiwanis is theboard@panhandlekiwanis.org

Board Membership Below Effective October 1, 2022

Board Members, Panhandle Kiwanis - theboard@panhandlekiwanis.org

Susan Manthey, Cell 208-651-5051ID_suzyq@hotmail.com, Pres.
Julie Leonard, Cell 
Julie@NorthIdahoDreamLife.comVice Pres.
Laurie Lutz, Cell 208-755-244678llutz@gmail.com, Treas.
Tracy McClain, Cell 209-814-9781, tracylynnmcclain@outlook.com, Sec.
Jon Dohm, Cell 208-704-0379, silentstream3@gmail.com, Past-Pres.
Bill Sever, Cell 208-661-6065, webmaster@netbest.com, At Large
Ashleigh Hathaway, Cell 208-596-6343, ashleigh_hathaway@hotmail.com, At Large.
Michael Wood, Cell 208-930-6964, 
mikewood@uidaho.edu, At Large.
Wayne Koski, Cell 208-755-1782, kosbro@roadrunner.com, At Large.
Warren Ducote Jr., Cell 208-755-7129w_ducote@hotmail.com (Teacher/Student of the Month Coordinator)
Vicki Campbell, Cell 208-818-8489vlfaraway@yahoo.com (Committee Chair- Community Services)

Membership Committee- membership@panhandlekiwanis.org
 (Membership Committee Presentation)

Bill Sever, 208-667-3566, webmaster@netbest.com
Jon Dohm, Cell 208-704-0379, silentstream3@gmail.com

Spiritual Aims Committee - spiritual@panhandlekiwanis.org

Len Benes, Cell 208-699-4813, lpbenes@roadrunner.com
Warren Ducote Jr., 208-755-7129, w_ducote@hotmail.com

Membership Roll 2021 – Panhandle Kiwanis - members@panhandlekiwanis.org

Len Benes, Cell 208-699-4813, lpbenes@roadrunner.com 
Vicki Campbell, Cell 208-818-8489, vlfaraway@yahoo.com
Jon Dohm, Cell 208-704- 0379, silentstream3@gmail.com
Warren Ducote Jr., Cell 208-755-7129, w_ducote@hotmail.com
Ray Green, Cell 208-661-7310, rayg@cda-vision.com
Debbie Gordillo, Cell 805-750-9932, spacrazy@att.net
Ashleigh Hathaway, Cell 208-596-6343, ashleigh_hathaway@hotmail.com
Ron Hill, Cell 208-755-2734, hillman02@hotmail.com
Mark Jensen, Cell 208-661-5610, MJensen.NIRC@gmail.com
Wayne Koski, Cell 208-755-1782, kosbro@roadrunner.com
Julie Leonard, Cell 208-651-4258, Julie@NorthIdahoDreamLife.com
Laurie Lutz, Cell 208-755-2446, 78llutz@gmail.com
Susan Manthey, Cell 208-651-5051, ID_suzyq@hotmail.com
Ken McClain, Cell 209-229-5415, KenMcClain71@gmail.com
Tracy McClain, Cell 209-814-9781tracylynnmcclain@outlook.com
Michelle Mori, Cell 208-819-6829, shellygirlie12@gmail.com
Cassie Palm, Cell 208-416-1257, cass.palmspainting.PF@gmail.com
Bill Sever, Cell 208-661-6065, webmaster@netbest.com
Roger Stewart, Cell 208-659-4773, roger@printcda.com
Michael Wood, Cell 208-930-6964, mikewood@uidaho.edu

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